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We so often find ourselves in some stage of life with the questions, Is this what I want? Is this what life is all about? Why did I not change direction long time ago? Was the choices I have made a reflection of my parents “unreached dreams” my childhood context, unconscious strengths, talents – my DNA or a society that values some professions more than others, or a combination? In this program, we would like to touch on these questions and journey through all developmental stages a person goes through in life. We want to challenge prevailing discourses, create an awareness and understanding of special talents but also journey into obstacles that prevent us from reaching our potential – our true integration in the world.

Programme Outline:

  • in depth self-discovery  (talents, skills, interest);
  • discover your road (personal – spiritual development);
  • discover training, careers and related opportunities;


Workshop : Self-discovery & Spiritual Direction

Presenters: Francois Swanepoel, Dagmara du Plessis and Annemien Bauermeister

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