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Questions are like the mountain climber’s hook-on-the-end-of-a-rope: we throw the hook into the unknown, and we pull ourselves into the future. But we need to learn how and where to throw, so that we pull ourselves into a better future (Schön,2002).

As we wrestle with each new challenge in life, we ask ourselves and others a continuous stream of questions. Question-asking is one of the main ways that we try to get a grip on whatever is going on. Asking questions can allow us to start thinking about the unknown, because questions focus our attention, and […]

Communication – a few hints.

We have all experiences the frustration of being misunderstood, not being listened to, emotio­nal moods, expectations not being met, different beliefs, etc.  To have a great relationship, both of you must be able to fearlessly express your beliefs, concerns and preferences authentically.  Escalation, invalidation, withdrawal and negative patterns make it unsafe to express your real […]


Carter and McGoldrick identified six stages of the family life cycle: 1) the unattached adult; 2) joining of families through marriage and the newly married couple without children; 3) the family with young children; 4) the family with adolescents; 5) launching children and moving on, and 6) the family in later life. Each one of […]

Child assessment, Play therapy and Career guidance

Services: School Readiness assessment Scholastic Development assessment Subject choices – Grade 9 Career and study choice assessment – Gr 11/12 Therapy for children experiencing stress, trauma and anxiety. Workshop (Parenting – My Child and I / Ouerleiding – Ek en My Kind) Workshop (Restructured family relationships)   Workshop: Parenting – My child and I / […]