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Communication – a few hints.

We have all experiences the frustration of being misunderstood, not being listened to, emotio­nal moods, expectations not being met, different beliefs, etc.  To have a great relationship, both of you must be able to fearlessly express your beliefs, concerns and preferences authentically.  Escalation, invalidation, withdrawal and negative patterns make it unsafe to express your real […]

Conflict – Part of life.

We all work in different contexts, have different skills, talents, motivations and expectations.  We are drawn together in the world as partners, friends and colleagues and must find ways to relate to one another, communicate with and to support one another. This does not always come easy.  Most of the time, we are not aware of […]


Ek begin nou die dag dink. Ons het ‘n spesialis vir elke deel van ons liggaam, ‘n “gadget’ in ons huis, tuin en karavaan vir elke doel, geleentheid – vir gemaklik leef. Nou voel dit vir my dat ons een ding so altyd van ‘n afstand beskou, nie so geredelik aanvaar en deelmaak van ons […]