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Practical training for counsellors and caretakers

2020 This program will be valuable for: Registered Counsellors, on how to settle into your practice. (Choose any of the modules below) Anyone with a passion to care for others. People doing voluntary work, needing knowledge and practical experience. (All modules) -Individuals in ministry on an entrance level 4 qualification (matric) plus two-years ministry experience. […]

Communication – a few hints.

We have all experiences the frustration of being misunderstood, not being listened to, emotio­nal moods, expectations not being met, different beliefs, etc.  To have a great relationship, both of you must be able to fearlessly express your beliefs, concerns and preferences authentically.  Escalation, invalidation, withdrawal and negative patterns make it unsafe to express your real […]


Carter and McGoldrick identified six stages of the family life cycle: 1) the unattached adult; 2) joining of families through marriage and the newly married couple without children; 3) the family with young children; 4) the family with adolescents; 5) launching children and moving on, and 6) the family in later life. Each one of […]