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For us the family is:

  • The most important source for survival, information, growth and transformation.
  • The nucleus and stability of a community/society.


Therefore our approach is to:

  • Assist in the healing, growing and sustaining of individuals (children & adults) and families to reach their potential.
  • Create a space for spiritual transformation and growth.
  • Create a circle of friendship, community and good relationships.
  • Respect all families (irrespective of culture, gender or belief).


By means of:

  • Using the Enneagram as tool for a personal, relationship and family journey.
  • Parental guidance, child assessment, play therapy and career counselling.
  • Relationship counseling, divorce, restructured families.
  • Emotional well-being (trauma, stress, anxiety).
  • Retrenchment and retirement.

For us human pain and suffering is a part of life

People who are visited by suffering and pain often question God’s active presence and involvement in the trauma of their lives:

  • Where is God?
  • Why me/my family?
  • Is there HOPE in this “not understandable”, “not explainable” and the “unspeakable”?


Therefore our approach is the emotional and spiritual well-being of people by means of:

  • Listening to people’s narratives.
  • Creating space for people to construct meaning in their journey through pain.
  • Guiding in mapping alternative faith narratives of relationships with God and others.
  • Co-creating the journey of suffering as a source of growth.

For us employer/employee wellness is part of a more fulfilling life

Organizations around the world today are demanding more accurate information about clients and employees. Many are also interested in developing a more humane and person-centered approach to the workplace so that they can attract and retain valuable employees and achieve peak productivity.

The Enneagram as tool is uniquely suited to meet all of these needs in understanding values, thinking, feelings, expectations, perceptions, motivations, communication and argument styles, decision patterns, ways of resolving conflicts, fears, defences and various coping mechanisms—to name just a few of the elements that affect relationships in the workplace.

The use of the Enneagram in a work related context can improve employee relationships, teamwork and overall staff productivity, operational efficiencies and employee satisfaction and morale – a happy workforce!


Therefore our approach is:

  • To introduce the Enneagram on individual, team/group and management level in any work setting.


By means of:

  • Enneagram workshops, individual sessions and interactive group sessions.

For us continuous training of counsellors, care workers, – anyone with a passion for healing is important:

Spiritual care and counseling often occur in the context of human dilemmas in which some external event or internal chaos threatens families and their members; physical, social, psychological, and spiritual stability. All communities have a common goal – the well-being of people, therefore we need to be able to provide our communities with basic, easily accessible and comprehensive emotional, spiritual and social support.