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Tides rises and tides falls. We cannot stay in spring forever, leaves will fall, air will chill and sometimes it is not the strongest, most intelligent of us that survive, but the most responsive to change.

Himalaya, India,1997 – a journey told by an unknown psychologist “We begin our Himalayan trek as strangers with a common goal. A Sikkimese guide led the way, wearing tennis shoes, thin cotton pants, a lightweight jacket, and a rag bandanna. By the fifth day, two climbers had succumbed to altitude sickness, one carried back to […]

An invitation to our Community, challenged by the Lock-down.

The past 7 weeks has confronted each one of us with challenges that we have not experienced before.  The Covit-19 pandemic has a devastating effect on many people in our community, -emotionally, spiritually, socially, and intellectually.  Emotionally people feel uncertain, insecure, scared, depressed, downhearted and in fear of the unknown.  Spiritually some may rationalise these […]

Questions are like the mountain climber’s hook-on-the-end-of-a-rope: we throw the hook into the unknown, and we pull ourselves into the future. But we need to learn how and where to throw, so that we pull ourselves into a better future (Schön,2002).

As we wrestle with each new challenge in life, we ask ourselves and others a continuous stream of questions. Question-asking is one of the main ways that we try to get a grip on whatever is going on. Asking questions can allow us to start thinking about the unknown, because questions focus our attention, and […]