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Therapy & Counselling


Therapy & Counselling

Therapy is an in-depth process with specific and extensive sessions that incorporate disciplines such as psychology, psychiatry and social work.
Counselling helps us to understand the relationship between ourselves and the world around us. It helps us to utilise resources necessary for coping with life’s challenges while keeping an eye on God’s influence in our lives.

We provide sessions for individuals (children & adults), couples, families and groups (In English, Afrikaans and German).

Training Programme & Workshops

Workshops (in Afrikaans & English)

Parenting – My child and I / Ouerleiding – Ek en my kind

English Description

When last did you as a parent, sit back and think about your relationship with your children?  In these modern times with the many daily demands there seems to be little time to just sit back and think about our relationship with our son or daughter.  Do we ever make time for this?

Recently I heard a mother telling her friend that she felt guilty about the abrupt way she addressed her 5 year old daughter and she blamed it on the fact that she was a business woman who needed to deal with so many demands in life.  She added that she was trying hard to be the best parent for her daughter but at times does not succeed in doing so.  Could this be a short summary of the life, many of us lead?

What does it mean to be a good parent?  How well were we prepared for parenthood.  These days we need a license to be able to drive a car or a motor cycle.  We need to be qualified as a plumber and an electrician to be able to do this work.  But we don’t need a license to become a parent – and I hope you agree that this is most certainly one of the most important tasks we will be doing in our lives.   Most of us look forward to become a parent – few of us realize that it takes patience, endurance, understanding and constant hard work to develop a trusting relationship with our children.  How long does parenthood last? Does it ever stop?

Come and join us for a workshop on parenting and more specific our role as parents in the life of our children.  I believe that we all want only the best for our children.

Program and Themes for discussion

  • Who is my child? What are my expectations of my children.
  • Who am I?  Have you ever thought about yourself and where you stand in your relationship with your child?  Have you ever felt that there are things that you dislike in your child?  Where does that feeling come from?
  • My role as a parent – what does it truely mean to be a parent?
  • Practical guidelines concerning communication, conflict management, structuring of leasure time, family rituals and socialising with friends……

Afrikaanse Beskrywing

Wanneer laas het ons werklik stil gaan sit en besin oor wat dit beteken om ‘n ouer te wees?

In ons moderne samelewing met sy veelvoudige eise is daar selde tyd vir stilsit – om stil te staan en te dink oor my verhouding met my seun of dogter.

Onlangs hoor ek ‘n mamma sê, dat sy weereens te kortaf was met haar dogter van 5 jaar en dat dit haar skuldig laat voel, maar dat almal moet verstaan dat sy ook nog ‘n beroepsvrou is en hard probeer om ook die beste ouer vir haar kind te wees.

Is dit nie maar kortliks die opsomming van baie van ons se lewens nie?

Wat beteken ouerskap en hoe goed is ons voorbereid op die opvoedingstaak wat vir ons voorlê.  Die meeste van ons sien met groot verwagting uit na die koms van ons eersteling – en dan besef ons dat ouerskap gepaard gaan met inspannig, geduld en volharding.

Hoe lank duur hierdie ouerskap? Hou dit ooit op?

Kom ons besin saam oor ons rol as ouers in vandag se lewe.  Ons wil almal net die beste vir ons kinders gee.

Temas van bespreking

  • Wie is my kind? Wat is my verwagting van my kind?
  • Wie is ek? Het jy al ooit besin oor jouself waar jy in verhouding staan met jou kind? Het jy nie ook al gevoel dat daar dinge in jou kind is waarvan jy nie hou nie. Waar kom dit vandaan?
  • My rol as ouer – wat beteken dit om werklik ouer te kan wees.
  • Praktiese riglyne ten opsigte van kommunikasie, konflikhantering, strukturering van vryetydbesteding, familierituele en sosialisering met vriende.


Kontak: The Family Corner, Dagmara – 0834571737

Epos: duplessisdagmara@gmail.com

Premarital Counselling / Voorhuwelikse Berading

English Description

Ready to say ‘I do?’

A workshop/sessions for pre-marital couples:
Get to know your partner better, experience the joy and humor and invest in your relationship.

Workshop Topics:
* Uniqueness
* Motivation
* Expectation
* Commitment
* Discourses
* Spirituality

Afrikaanse Beskrywing

‘n Werkswinkel/sessies vir voorhuwelikse paartjies:
Leer jou huweliksmaat beter ken en ervaar die vreugde en lag.

Werkswinkel Onderwerpe:
* Uniekheid
* Motivering
* Verwagtinge
* Toewyding
* Diskoerse
* Spiritualiteit

Divorce & Restructured Families / Egskeiding & Hersaamgestelde gesinne

English Description

We would like to invite you to join our sessions for restructured families.  We focus on the experiences, anger, feelings of hostility and re-adjustment of each member within the new family environment.

Children and teenagers can benefit from attending these sessions.  These  sessions entail the following issues:

My journey up to this day (a creative self-journey session through writing and drawing).

My expectations and motivations (anonymous – The hat technique)

What makes ME unique?

My contribution to both families. (what I am willing to give)

Ideas concerning the structural and everyday living arrangements (meal times, layout of the house, homework, role expectation, divided weekends, etc.)

Discipline (current life cycle phases for each member, discipline style, hierargies and boundaries, communication patterns and conflict resolution.)

Two families mission statements

Afrikaanse Beskrywing

Ons nooi julle uit na ons sessies vir hersaamgestelde gesinne.
Sessies is so saamgestel om beide kinders en tieners deel daarvan te maak.

Ons fokus veral op die volgende:

Die pad wat elkeen geloop het tot hiertoe (kreatiewe sessie met skryf en teken)

Elkeen se verwagtinge en motivering (anoniem,  “The hat technique”)

Wat maak MY uniek?

Elkeen se bydrae tot beide gesinne (wat is ek bereid om te gee?)

Die strukturele en dag-tot-dag lewe (huiswerk, rolverwagtinge, gedeelde naweke, en meer.

Dissipline (lewensfases van individue binne beide gesinne, ouerskapstyle, grense, kommunikasiepatrone en konflikhantering.)

Visie- en Missiestelling vir beide gesinne.

Self-discovery & Spiritual Direction / Self-ontdekking & Spirituele Rigting

English Description

Self-discovery journey towards a fulfilling lifestyle

We so often find ourselves at some stage of life with the question; Is this what I want? Is this what life is all about? Why did I not change direction long time ago? Was the choices I have made, a reflection of my parents “unreached dreams” my childhood context, unconscious strengths, talents – my DNA or a society that values some professions more than others, or a combination thereof?

In this program, we would like to touch on these questions.

Program outline:

  • in depth self-discovery (talents, skills and interest)
  • where do you want to be? (discover your road)
  • discover training, career and related opportunities
  • spiritual development

Afrikaanse Beskrywing

Selfontwikkelingsreis tot ‘n vervulde leefstyl

Ons vra soms in een of ander stadium in ons lewe die vraag;  Is dit wat ek wil hê?  Is dit waaroor die lewe gaan?  Hoekom het ek nie lankal van rigting verander nie?  Was die besluite wat ek gemaak het ‘n refleksie van my ouers se ‘onbereikte drome’, my kinderjare-drome, my sterkpunte en talente – my DNA, of ‘n gemeenskap wat sekere beroepe hoër ag as ander, of ‘n kombinasie hiervan?

In hierdie program, wil ons graag raak aan hierdie vrae .

Program uiteensetting:

  • in-diepte selfontwikkeling (talente, vaardighede, belangstelling)
  • waar wil ek graag wees? (ontdek jou pad)
  • opleiding, beroepe en soortgelyke geleenthede
  • spirituele ontwikkeling

Practical Training for Counsellors and Caretakers

This program will be valuable for:

– Registered Counsellors, on how to settle into your practice. Optional (modules 3, 4 and 6). Regular discussions and debriefing sessions per arrangement

– Anyone with a passion to care for others. People doing voluntary work, needing knowledge and practical experience. (all modules- except module 6)

– Individuals in ministry on an entrance level 4 qualification (matric) plus two-years ministry experience. Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 compulsory.

– Individuals working in a hospital and school setting on an entrance level 4 qualification (matric) plus one-year post matric study. (All modules-except module 6).

– Counsellors that have already done training and practical hours and need a qualified supervisor for regular discussions and debrief sessions.

Programme content:

In this programme, you will be required to study some readings, to reflect on the readings and to engage in conversations. You will also be required to do a in depth self-journey. To become a registered member of CPSC and ASCHP, you need to participate in practical and supervision contact sessions. Assessments will be in the form of assignments, practical sessions and supervision work.

Module 1:

Introduction and Overview on Counselling:

One of the important instruments you will work with as a counsellor is yourself as a person. In preparing for counselling, you will acquire knowledge about facts, theories and tools. Knowledge and skills are essential, but by themselves they are not sufficient for establishing and maintaining effective counselling relationships. To every conversation, we bring our human qualities, personal characteristics and the experiences that have influenced us.

  • Personal narratives and the impact on the counselling context.
  • Qualities of effective counsellors: value system, spirituality, etc.
  • Valuable knowledge for developing a relationship between counsellor and client.
  • The counsellor, client and conversation: Assessment of client, structuring the counselling relationship, basic interviewing techniques.
Layout and Costs:
3 contact session. R600.00 per session (two hours session) R1 800.00
Three assignments: R300.00 (material and feedback)

Module 2:

Ethical Considerations in Counselling:

Counsellors should only undertake procedures in which they are properly trained and experienced. Ethics covers a very broad spectrum in the counselling space; therefore, we need to consider a wide range of scenarios. The practices of the different schools of thought helps us to define ethical principles, together with the different norms that prevail in society as well as universal principles that underlie the different professional codes for counsellors.

  • Relevant norms :(individual morality, positive morality, morality of law, professional ethics, integration between the various norms).
  • Universal ethics in counselling (respect for people’s dignity and rights, responsible caring, integrity in relationships, responsibility, improper to attend to a person, obliged to attend to a person)
  • General steps in making ethical decisions
  • Ethical principles in the context of paradigms and tools
  • Ethical principles in the context of the counselling process (spirituality, gender, religion, sexual orientation).
Layout and Costs:
2 contact sessions. R600.00 per session (two hours sessions) R1200.00
Two assignments R200.00 (material and feedback)
Two practical work sessions: R450.00

Module 3:

Self-discovery and Development:

To achieve personal growth, we must develop the ability to create the mental, emotional and bodily space inside ourselves to observe and understand what we are doing and think why we do it. The Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. “Ennea” is Greek for nine, and “gram” means a figure or something written. Discovering your Enneagram personality type can help you learn how to bring positive change in your life. It can help change the way you relate to yourself and others as well as give you a greater understanding of the circumstances and issues facing relationships in general.

  • Discover your personality profile, main centre of expression (heart, head, body) and instinctual type, etc.
  • Create awareness on your blind spots, defence mechanisms, self-image, vices, vulnerabilities, motivations, etc
  • Use this knowledge in understanding your typical action, feeling and thinking.
  • Use this awareness and knowledge in your journey towards a better understanding of yourself (intra-personal), your relationship with others (interpersonal), your relationship among people (corporate) and your relationship with place/things (spatial).
Layout and Cost:
4 contact session: R600.00 (two hours sessions) R2400.00
Reading material: R200.00

Module 4:


The Body, Heart and Head connection

  • Working with the body – somatic wisdom.
  • Cultivating the quiet mind – centred meditation.
  • Opening the heart, healing: guilt, grief, forgiveness, re membering.
  • Tools for transformation – walking your walk.

Compassion and Social connection

  • True self comes from a deeper knowing of what is real, good, true and beautiful
  • The common denominator of love of God and love of neighbour is the abandonment of selfishness and the will to self-sacrifice….
Layout and Cost
5 contact sessions. R600.00 (two -hour session) R3600.00
Practical work (homework)

Module 5:

Theories and Techniques of Counselling

Postmodern (Narrative), Family Systems, Cognitive/Behavioural, Gestalt and Psychodynamic approaches.

  • Key concepts/theory.
  • The therapeutic process.
  • Emotional and bodily wellness (anxiety, stress, depression and trauma).
  • Application within relationships (couples, families, restructured families),

Postmodern perspective on discourses in society and how they prevent us from living a more fulfilling life.

  • In conflict with the prevailing discourses of our time?
  • Discourses: religious, socio-economic, technological, political, gender, race, sexuality.
  • Influence on individuals, relationships and communities.
Layout and Cost:
4 contact session: R600.00 (two -hour sessions) R2400.00
6 assignments: (R600.00 material and feedback)
Practical session on discourses. R450.00

Module 6:

Working with the Enneagram in a counselling context.

  • History around the Enneagram: “Where does the Enneagram come from”?
  • The integration of heart, head and body – a tool towards growth
  • The 9 personality types
  • Interactively using the Enneagram to move towards growth

Working with the Enneagram on individual, relationship and group level (teamwork included).

Layout and Cost
6 contact sessions (two-hour sessions) R600.00 per session R3 600.00
Reading and 6 assignments (R600.00 material and feedback)

Module 7:

Practical hours and Supervision – Focus areas (individual, family, groups, etc). Accredited trainers/supervisors

Supervision consists of meeting with an accredited practitioner regularly to discuss casework and other professional issues in a structured way. This will assist you to learn, experience and grow.

Practical hours refer to the actual counselling that you will be doing to accumulate hours of experience to receive accreditation with a relevant body. This practical hours of experience, you will take to supervision to discuss in your casework.

  • Supervision: Discussions on casework done at the centre or casework done in ministry, school and hospital settings (the environment that you are currently working in).
  • Supervision: Workshops held at the centre (roleplay, casework on movies and cases studies)
  • Practical hours: At the centre: seeing clients under supervision (actual sit in session of supervisors and/or recording of sessions)
  • Meetings and sessions as per arrangement with individuals
Layout and Cost:
Discussion on casework, practical hours and supervision.as per arrangement with each individual student.

Registration and Setting up your Practice


Individuals in ministry on an entrance level 4 qualification (matric) plus one-year post matric study in ministry have different entry levels depending on NQF level, practical and supervision hours. Some of the entry levels are: Religious Practitioner in Christian Pastoral Caregiving (NQF 4 Senior Cert), Advanced Religious Practitioner in Christian Pastoral Caregiving (NQF 4), Basic Religious Professional in Christian Pastoral Counselling (NQF 5, NQF6), etc.

Registration: ASCHP (Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners)

TheASCHP is a SAQA recognized professional body (South African Qualifications Authority ID 984) with registered designations on the National Qualifications Framework (Act 67 of 2008). The ASCHP is home to community or workplace-based counsellors who work in structured and supervised environments including, but not limited to private Wellness/Counselling Centres or government institutions, schools, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) including Faith Based, Community Based and Not-for-Profit Organisations, the South African Police Service, Counselling Call Centres, Hospitals, Clinics.

and Support Agencies, Sports Centres, Education and Training facilities, Health and Emergency services and facilities.

Setting up your practice.

Client files, process notes, creative tools in counselling, continuous supervision/debrief sessions, networking (referrals) and Continuous Professional Development:

Layout and Cost:
1 contact session: R600.00 (two-hour session)

Terms and Conditions:

  • This programme can be done part-time or full-time as per arrangement over a two-year period
  • Enrolment January 2020 and beginning June 2020.
  • To register with the ASCHP and/or the CPSC you need to:
    * comply with their standards
    * complete Mentorship (supervision and practical hours).
  • Contact us for more information

Email: anniecorner5@gmail.com

Cell : 0833916780

Website: www.familycorner.co.za


Annemien Bauermeister: B Soc Sc Hons (Psych) MTh

Accredited Enneagram Practitioner: Integrative South Africa

Registered with the Health Professional Council as Registered Counsellor

Registered with the Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors as Religious Specialist.

Dagmara du Plessis: BA Social work, B Soc Sc Hons (Psych) MED

Accredited Enneagram Practitioner: Integrative South Africa

Registered with the HPCS as Educational Psychologist

Francois Swanepoel: BA (Hons), MA, BD, DTh

Register with the Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors as Religious Specialist